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Sport is a powerful tool which can break down barriers and build comradeship. Indiability promotes regular participation in sport for people with disabilities, to improve well-being and physical health.

More than meets the eye

Sport effortlessly connects people and gives them a common interest. In team sports, individuals have to work together to achieve success. In competition, they have to bond as one, to support each other and rely on each other in pursuit of a common goal. This activity means they have to interact and acknowledge each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Their abilities, feelings and personalities are acknowledged and celebrated – leading to deep and lasting friendships.

‘Sport is a universal language enjoyed, played and respected around the world. Sport can also provide the opportunity to bridge the gap between children with and without disabilities.’
– Davies, 1992

IMAGE: Indiability’s mission

Through sport, we can educate people to work together and create an environment of mutual respect. They have to be responsible and reliable because their teammates and colleagues are depending on them. Our major sports initiative is called IMAGE: Indian Mixed Ability Group Events, which works with after-school clubs and community groups. Since the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, there has been a stronger appetite for sport and an increasing number of young athletes wishing to compete. We encourage and support people with physical disabilities who want to be among the nation’s leading sportsmen and women.

“After this sports event I feel proud of myself as I have never taken part in any such event before. Many used to pity me; they never thought that I was able to do something good and different. This is a good opportunity given to me by my school which will give us an identity. We will tell the world that physically disabled people are not worthless. We can face hardships and still be happy. I will also tell the world what problems we face and what we think about the normal world.”
– Janak Singh, disabled member, SKSN IMAGE Club

Sport for Development

Just as the modern-day Olympics has created a global unity in the face of disparity, Indiability embraces and responds to the International Sport for Development movement which includes many government and non-government organisations where the focus is sport to change culture and attitudes towards the disenfranchised.

“Sport has a crucial role to play in the efforts of the United Nations to improve the lives of people around the world. Sport builds bridges between individuals and across communities, providing a fertile ground for sowing the seeds of development and peace.̶
– Wilfried Lemke, United Nations

As sport becomes increasingly part of humanitarian and development work, as well as a part of the corporate social responsibility practices of some private sector actors, interested parties are anxious to explore the potential, as well as the limitations, of sport in their work.
– Sport & Development, the International Platform on Sport and Development

Laureus believes sport can change the world for the better. And it is by working hand in hand in this spirit of teamwork that the power of sport is being used so effectively to bring a positive change to young people the world over.
– Laureus Sport for Good

Indiability Initiatives
IMAGE:Indian Mixed Ability Group Events
The Freedom Pool Project


‘We believe that the greatness of sport lies in its unique ability to empower anyone in the world to cross any barrier, whether personal, political or philosophical.’

–Laureus Sport for Good