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Indiability promotes equal rights to education for physically disabled people. We believe that improving education levels for all will improve our society.

Exclusion without education

Only a quarter of people with severe disabilities in India can read and write and only half of people with mild to moderate disability (Source: World Bank). Lack of education and low employment rates are among the factors why disabled people are often excluded in Indian society. Children are the future of a nation, yet one in every ten children in India suffers from some form of disability. A high standard of education for all our young people will build a stronger more prosperous and more equal society.

Government stance

In 2010 a bill was passed in India called ‘The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education’. This was amended in 2012 to give physically disabled children a fundamental right to education. However, the Government of India acknowledges that this is a massive undertaking. The help of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) such as Indiability is essential to achieve this ambitious goal.In rural areas of the country, schools are far apart and children would have to walk huge distances to reach them.

Education at any level

Even the most basic level of education brings enormous benefits to individuals and communities. There are social and personal advantages as well as economic ones. When people learn, society reaps rewards. The more they learn the greater the benefit to communities, society and ultimately the nation. Qualifications in higher education lead to better economic and social opportunities for the individual and responsible citizenship.

Aspirations and evidence

People with physical disabilities can contribute to society as much as anyone else. Many are already challenging limits placed on their lives and are defying preconceptions about what they achieve. They also enable breakthrough in new areas as we realise the extensive capacity of humanity to adapt and acquire new skills. Necessity is the mother of all invention!

Indiabiility’s mission

Indiability is working towards creating a better future for all people with disabilities. If they are educated and qualified they can be independent, and can also support others. We want to highlight the importance of education and the benefits it brings to the individual and to their communities. In particular we want to reach out to families with children who do not go to school – perhaps because there isn’t one near enough where they live. We want them to see how important education is for their common future. Indiability plays an active role in supporting better education. Our projects support SKSN Institute, the leading educational institution in India, with a majority of disabled students.

Success stories
SKSN Institute


‘…Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.’

–Malcolm X