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About Indiability

Who we are

Indiability is a registered charity that is working to change attitudes towards people with physical disabilities in India and empowering them to live full, independent lives.

Why we exist

We help people with physical disabilities overcome the many daily difficulties they face, while working towards a future where they have greater rights and a fuller role in society.

We are driving for children with physical disabilities and young people to be fully integrated in their communities, fulfilling their potential and looking forward to a brighter future.

Disabled people in India are disadvantaged and discriminated against. Even their own families and communities often exclude them. This must change.

Disability is caused by accident, disease or genetic disorder and disrupts lives. But we recognise it is not disability that prevents people from accessing all facets of society like getting a job, going to school or simply taking the bus – it is discrimination. We want India to recognise this too – and to do away with the injustice that is a barrier to success.

Children should never grow up being told “you can’t” – they need to feel that life if full of limitless possibilities, whatever their condition. They must be encouraged to achieve the best they can in everything they do. Yet most young people with disabilities in India grow up surrounded by limitations and boundaries, constantly being told that they will not achieve their dreams. Through supporting and promoting physically disabled people, as well as public education initiatives, Indiability works towards a new era of acceptance and social integration in communities, education, employment, business, sport and beyond.

We aim to confront social norms and change outdated attitudes to eliminate discrimination, which, in our hugely disparate country are easily forgotten and ignored.

We believe India is poorer as a nation if it does not fully value and encourage every citizen to achieve their full potential in life.

What we do

Our work has already made a huge difference to the lives of many disabled people and their communities in the north west of India. We want to extend that impact nationwide.

Our Vision

A country where people with physical disabilities are included without prejudice in all walks of life, and a reduction in the numbers of people disabled by infection and disease.

Our Mission

To promote acceptance, integration, inclusion and better sanitation. To have an impact on the strategic areas of education, health, sport, employment, gender equality and knowledge about disability.

Our Funding

We are a charity that works with partner organisations that support our goals. However, we rely on donations to continue this important campaign for the future of India and all its citizens.


‘ …No meaningful change can come about for persons with disabilities unless various social and economic processes of civil society are redefined on disability-inclusive standards.’

National Human Rights Commission,
New Delhi, 18 March 2003